Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A Brief Eulogy

On Wednesday, May 18th, my grandmother, one of the owners of our farm, died at age 95. No matter what I write here, I will not be able to capture the influence she has had on me or our farming operation. Even though she did not farm for a living for the majority of her life, it is because of her that I turned to farming as my own livelihood.

She was born onto a successful tobacco farm in Tabor city. Despite the fact that she was a very capable farmer, she decided that she did not want to spend her life in a tobacco field, so she pursued nursing. Throughout her life, her yard was her constant passion, and as a child, she (and my other lovely grandmother) introduced me to the fun of gardening.

As it became time for me to choose a profession in life, I considered my options. After the hectic life at Davidson College, life in a quiet, simple low country town sounded amazing. I decided that I wanted to turn my grandmother's tobacco farm into a vineyard. Upon further consideration, I decided to start my farming ventures a little closer to home. I used her property on HWY 29 to plant my first vineyard and garden. I do not know if she ever understood what I was doing with her home or her farms, but I hope she would appreciate that all the land she has given me is starting to make a little money and that her yard is looking spiffier than ever!

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