Thursday, September 13, 2012

Farm Tour Time! and an update on the wine

It's time for the Know Your Farms Tour. There are tons of interesting farms on the tour this year. It's two days, so you can fit the tour into your schedule. If you're trying to eat locally, this is the way to learn all about the many things that we grow in the Piedmont. We are a scheduled stop on Saturday from 1-6 pm.
Here's a link with the details. We'll have cookies and wine to taste and produce, canned goods, and Uncle Scott's Root Beer for sale.

Hope to see you there!!

On a different note, the wine is going well. It had a sluggish fermentation, but once it got going, it went! I tried to get it to go about 2 Brix/day, but it ended up going about 4 Brix/day. It's through fermentation now, been pressed, and is sitting in a tank, settling, and going through malo -actic conversion. We're still waiting on the numbers to come back from the lab for alcohol, pH, TA, etc, but if taste is anything to go by, there's plenty of acid still in the wine. That is good news for a southern wine! After it finishes malo, we'll put some of it in barrels.

Thanks again for your support!