Available Products

Right now, we have:

Wine- $22/bottle

An approximate list for our Concord Locations; availability and prices are subject to change. If you're looking for a particular product, just call us. It might not have made it to the list yet.

Red Russian Kale- 4/lb
Green Curley Kale- 4/lb
Lacinto Kale- 4/lb
Swiss Chard- 3/lb
Squash- 2/lb 
Zucchini- 2/lb
Beets- 3/bunch
Turnips- 3/bunch
Kholrabi- 4/bunch
Baby Fennel- 1/bulb
Onions- 2/bunch
Basil- 2/bunch
Thai Basil- 2/bunch
Strawberries- 5/lb
Blackberries- 5/lb
Eggs- 4/dozen