Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The farm store is open!

Last Thursday, we opened up our farm store on 3450 Concord Parkway South! We've started small and are talking to several other farmers about selling their produce as well to ensure greater variety of products. If you're a farmer and are interested in having us sell your goods, please email us at

The store will be open from 11-6 pm Monday through Friday. This week we have

Swiss Chard (picked on demand): $2.50/lbs
Kale (picked on demand): $2.50/lbs
Beets (picked on demand): $4.00/ bundle
Squash: $2.50/lbs
Zucchini: $2.00/lbs
Costata Romanesca: $3.00/lbs
Basil: $3.00/bundle
Parsley: $2.00/bundle

If you are interested in purchasing any of the following items, please stop by the store my mother and I will be glad to assist you!

We are also looking into starting an email and pickup program. If you would like for us to prepare your groceries, simply email us by 3pm at and we will have your produce bagged up and ready for pickup at 5pm.This will be on a first come first serve basis.

In other news, we used our sprayer in the vineyard for the first time! We were spraying kaolin clay for the japanese beetles, so the whole vineyard turned white! After the second hail storm last Saturday, our Chambourcin are looking more pathetic than ever. Not only have we had a large amount of black rot, we have shredded leaves and split berries due to the two hail storms we've had this season. I don't think I ever imagined that we'd be affected so much by hail. It was a big relief to put some spray on the vines again and hopefully maintain what we have. I'm sure I'm making much more out of this than would other vineyard managers, but it is our first year of production, so I'm extra nervous.

The storms also brought a lot of wind and rain. Many of our plants (especially the corn) were blown over by the storm and had to be 'replanted.' A big shout out to my dad who went out with me for a few hours on Saturday and stood plants up with me! Thanks Dad! We also have a pretty big root rot problem in our garden behind the vineyard after three days of rain. Luckily much of this was a spring crop, so we've gotten the majority of our produce out of there already. It just brings to mind how important good drainage and organic matter are. The soil has improved so much since we started three years ago, but still, there are many low spots and puddles which are hot bed for root rot and other bacterial issues.

Finally, my family and I have been eating very well recently. We have discovered the joys of Costata Romanesca, a large heirloom zucchini. We especially enjoy it stuffed with mushrooms, cheese and breadcrumbs. I highly recommend this dish for any dinner or special occasion.

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