Thursday, June 30, 2011

Red, White, and Blue Potatoes and Cackleberry Tuesdays

This past week has been good to our farm. Not too many weeds, not too many bugs, but lots of squash, cukes, and bell peppers. If I weren't so anxious about all the purchases we need to make, I'd have to say things have been rather relaxing! It's our second week offering Jane Henderson's organic potatoes. I'm having some for dinner (cooked with our green beans and onions). I find it very easy to over eat in the summer...

This week, we have:

Tomatoes: $2.50/lbs
Onions: $2.00/lbs
Arugula: Let's Haggle! 
Swiss Chard (picked on demand): $2.50/lbs
Beets (picked on demand): $4.00/ bundle
Squash: $2.50/lbs
Zucchini: $2.00/lbs
Costata Romanesca: $3.00/lbs
Cucumbers:$2.00/lbs, over 5lbs: $1.50
Basil: $3.00/bundle
Parsley: $2.00/bundle
Eggplant: $3.50/lbs
Green Beans: $2.00/lbs
Bell Peppers: $0.25/each
Hot Peppers: $0.10/each
Squash blossoms: PYO, Let's Haggle!

We got a great surprise this week when we went down to weed the corn- all of the weeds down there were Arugula sprouted from last year's crop! Thus, we have tons of delicious spicy baby greens which can be picked on demand! 

Also, on Tuesdays, we will be offering Butter and Cheese from Cackleberry farm. Stop by to see our selection, as it will vary from week to week. This past Tuesday, Randy, the owner dropped off some hard hoop cheese. It reminded me a lot of manchego, but might remind you of something else. You'll have to try it to find out. 

With the prolific production of squash that we've had on our hands, mother and I have become very creative. I feel like Forrest Gump when I talk about squash: squash pickles, squash casserole, squash parmesian, fried squash, stuffed squash, squash curry, squash pie and SQUASH BREAD!

The latest creation- I'll have to put the recipe up when mum and I sit down for a while together- combines our fresh parsley, onions, and squash into a delicious quick bread perfect for tomato sandwiches. We offered it to our CSA customers last week and I think I'm going to be making some and freezing it for the winter!

Well, I'd better get back to the veggie stand and my hammock. Mum get's off work at 3, so I have to be ready to take over. 
When I told my employees to tie up the garlic, I didn't know I'd get such a piece of old world charm!


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