Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Is it summer already?

It's getting quite hot out there. I'm not ready for the summer and I think my plants aren't either. We've had several near 90 degree days, and I'm longing for the days with highs in the 70s. Our lettuce hasn't bolted yet, but I know it's only a matter of time. We'd better enjoy those salad mixes while we can. I have spotted two bok choi  which are ready to go to seed, but the rest seem just fine.

We put some tomato, pepper, eggplant, and basil transplants in the ground yesterday out on Poplar Tent Rd. They seem to like their new home. We also planted some black beans, a few limas, and favas. Sometime later this week, we'll make our first planting of corn. Even if summer's coming early, we'll be ready.

Mike left the irrigation on two nights ago. Luckily, nothing serious happened, except we lost some radishes to splitting. I decided I would eat them. After eating the radishes, I went to play some ultimate. That was not a good idea. Radishes before strenuous activity cause discomfort. Learn from my mistake.

We had our first CSA workday last Saturday. It was really a great time. We picked up rocks, hoed a bit, and put some straw on the onions and garlic. We made a serious dent in the rock population, but I think we'll be picking up rocks for a few minutes every workday for the rest of the year (and probably the rest of my life...). If anyone's looking for some good exercise, please let me know. We're much cheaper than a gym membership.

Next week's CSA will probably (don't hold me to this) include substantial amounts of swiss chard, a bok choi (unbolted, of course), cilantro, and some salad mix. I wish I had some way to put shade over my crops. I might make a little portable shade structure to put over a few rows of this and that to see how it works.

a grapevine reaching up to heaven 
Mike picking up rocks

Liuba and Nicholae planting taters. How do I flip this photo?

Baby Radishes

no tractor, just a little tiller and a few moldovan hoes

the spring garden

a really cool (virus-infected?) collard plant

grapevines at twilight
Enjoy the photos!

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