Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Ideas for expansion- let's see if we can make any of these happen

I have a few ideas for how to make our farming operation even more awesome than it already is. Thing is, I can't do these things by myself. Well, some of them we can, but not all of them. That's where you, the community come in. I'm going to put these ideas out there (even if they seem a little wild). My hope is that someone will see them, realize their potential, and then we can work together to make the little projects happen.

1) Start a food truck!!

2) Move the old Pitts School to our property so we can have an indoor farms store!

3) Build some hoop houses so we can grow more veggies more of the year!

ok- so we can probably accomplish this last one on our own, I just wanted to let everyone know that we are looking into this and it will probably be a reality very soon!

If you or anyone you know is a house mover, a generous supporter of historic preservation, or a food truck manager looking to strike out on his or her own, please contact me at

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