Thursday, September 22, 2011

Our First Surplus Dinner!

No matter how well you plan, it always happens that you end up with produce you can't sell. It's part of the territory of ensuring a constant supply of product to your customers. I've found myself cooking large dinners for many of my friends and their friends this summer. Everyone really seemed to enjoy the 'farm-fresh' seasonality of the meals, so I thought to myself, why not take this public? I'm sure I'm breaking some health code and what not, but my mother (the chef for the evening) is Safe Serve Certified (I love having a cafeteria lady in my family).

So we'll be having a dinner October 1st from 7:30- finish up at the farm stand (3600 Concord Pkwy S Concord NC 28027). It'll be $15 per head and well worth it! You may BYO, since it's basically going to be the Dover Family, Friends, and Friends of Friends. Email me to reserve your spot. I would rather have money in hand before the dinner, but we will be selling spots the night of (unless we run out of space!).

The menu will most likely be a mixed greens salad, spaghetti squash tossed with pesto and topped with eggplant, and some sort of dessert.

Don't miss this lovely dining experience!

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